Rincón del Caballo Blanco (The White Horse Corner)

This corner, known as “Rincón del Caballo Blanco” (The White Horse Corner – named after an old hostel) is located next to the Bastion of Redín, in the upper town, right in the city walls. There is a viewpoint on the bastion with privileged views of the modern city outside the walls. The old fortress of San Cristóbal can be seen from here atop the hill Ezcaba. This corner was actually a strategic point in the city, considered to be the most inaccessible point of the city walls. From here, the long-range weapons could cover all the angles of shot due to the stared-shape of the wall. The watchtowers from the Renaissance which are still there remind us of the military origins of the construction.

The place was once the square were public executions took place. Nowadays, next to the wall there is a bar called “Mesón del Caballo Blanco”, which was built using the stones of an old palace and which name has taken from a former popular bar.

The Rincón del Caballo Blanco (The White Horse Corner) welcomes the pilgrims who, following the Way of Saint James, arrive in Pamplona through the door in the wall called “Zumalacárregui”.  But it is also a meeting point and a place for leisure in summer.  Just a step away from the cathedral, this corner surprises and fascinates both the locals and visitors.

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