City Walls of Pamplona

The five kilometres long walls around the city create an unusual and evocative stroll along its history. The city walls of Pamplona are one of the most interesting and best preserved military structures in Spain and hold the status of National Monument.

As a medieval city, Pamplona surrounded itself with walls to defend itself against invaders. Butit was not until the incorporation of the Kingdom of Navarre into the Crown of Castile in 1515 that its strategic location turned it into an advanced post of the Spanish crown against France.

The development of the great and formidable fortress began at that time and has its peak in the Citadel. Bastions gates, half-moons, ravelins, forts… All these give the walled enclosure the sobriety and sophistication of this kind of defensive system.

Pamplona’s urban development in the 20th century meant the demolition of some of the sections of the wall so that the modern city could expand. But its essence still remains.

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