San Lorenzo Church

In the church of San Lorenzo (Saint Lawrence) you will find the chapel of Saint Fermin, co-patron saint of the region and patron saint of the worldwide known festivals of July, widely known as The Running of the Bulls. Inside, an image of the saint stands at the front of the neoclassical chapel. The image contains the relics of Saint Fermin, who was born in Pamplona in the 3rd century (more on the life of the patron saint and the origins of the festivals here). The beautiful image is a half-height sculpture dating from the 15th century made of polychrome wood and gilded with silver. It was put there on July 6th, 1717 and it only leaves the chapel for the procession which takes place every year on the 7th July, on the patron saint’s day.

The church of San Lorenzo was built within the city walls on the 18th c. over the remains of an ancient medieval temple. This former church was built on the 14th c. by the local inhabitants of the town because the Franks living with royal privileges in the burg of San Cernin did not allow the local people to go in their church. Nowadays, it gives access to Calle Mayor, opposite to Taconera Gardens.

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