General Archive of Navarra

Occupying the site of the former Palace of the Kings of Navarra, and embedded in the city walls, the Royal and General Archive of Navarra is one of the most ancient and emblematic historical buildings in Navarre.

This ancient palace was recovered for its current task after various decades of abandonment. Its origins date back to the 12th century, when it served as the residence of the bishops of Pamplona and of  the monarchs of this old Kingdom.

Around 1530, it was inhabited by the vice-regents and since 1841, by the captain-generals.It later became the seat of the Military Government. The rehabilitation project is the work of the Navarrese architect Rafael Moneo (Pritzker Prize for Architecture and Prince of Asturias Prize for Arts 2012), and it was inaugurated as a documentary deposit in 2003 by the King and Queen of Spain.

The Royal and General Archive is located in the historical quarter of Pamplona only a few metres away from the Museum of Navarre, opposite the picturesque basilica of San Fermin de Aldapa (17th century) and in the heart of the city walls.

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