La Ribera

09:30 h. Departure from the hotel.

11:00 h. Arrival in the NATURAL PARK  BARDENAS REALES. This natural park – one of the most unique and unknown areas of Navarre – is probably one of the most impressive demonstrations of the force of nature.  The successives erosions have shaped a fascinating desert landscape.

16:00 h. Visit to TUDELA.                                                                                                                               Tudela, situated on the west shore of the Ebro river, is the  regional capital city of its administrative division (merindad de Tudela). Its narrow streets will constantly surprise its visitors and are the best example of the three cultures that merged in the city.

17:30 h. Visit to FITERO. The legacy of a monastery.                                                                               In Fitero you will find the first Cistercian monastery of the Iberian Peninsula, which dates back to 1140.

19:30 h. Arrival in Pamplona, dinner and accommodation.

Photograph: ©Ramón Fernández /

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