The Basque coast

09:30 h Departure from the hotel.

11:00 h. Arrival in SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ. This is a well-known town for its traditional houses and primarily, for its seaport, which was a very important one in the IX century due to the whale and cod fishing in Terranova.

13:00 Visit to FUENTERRABÍA (also known by its Basque name Hondarribia). The mounth of the Bidasoa River can be clearly descried fom this strategic site, on top of a hill, where the town was founded. Being located in the border with France, Hondarribia has had an important active role in several battles.

14:00 h. Lunch.

16:30 h. Visit to SAN SEBASTIÁN – DONOSTIA. Donostia- San Sebastián opens to the sea with its beaches in the bay: La Concha, Ondarreta and Gros. Mounts Urgull, Ulía and Igueldo, however, give the city its characteristic aspect.

19:30 h. Arrival in Pamplona, dinner and accomodation.

Photograph: © Jesús Abizanda / Flickr via Wikimedia Commons/ CC-BY-2.0

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