The Way of Saint James, via Toulouse

09:30 h. Departure from the hotel

10:30 h. Visit to the MONASTERY OF LEIRE.                                                                                       The monastery was the seat and the Court of the seigniory of the Pyrenees. It was also the mausoleum of the Vascon Kings. The main parts of the monastery were built between the XI and XIV centuries, being the cript (c. XI) and the “Speciosa” Door (c. XII)  its main attractions.

12:00 h. Visit to the CASTLE OF JAVIER.                                                                                             This is the castle where Saint Francis Xavier was born in 1506. The fortress was originally built around a signal tower from the 11th century but it was not finished until the 15th century. After the annexation of Navarre to the Kingdom of Castile, the castle was converted into a spartan house. It was in the late 19th century when the renovation work started.

14:00 h. Lunch

16:00 h. Visit to SANGÚESA.                                                                                                                 Its border position next to the Kingdom of Aragon and its role as an important pilgims’ halt in the way were the main historical factors that favoured this city’s development.

18:00 h. Visit to SOS DEL REY CATÓLICO. Its good location on top of a hill  made of this town a real medieval fortress. Its stone houses and wooden eaves, their façades full of keystones and coats of arms, its Gothic windows and the narrow streets form a fascinating urban ensemble.

19:00 h. Return to Pamplona.

20:00 h. Arrival in Pamplona, dinner and accommodation.

Photograph: © J.L. Gorria

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