Belagua Valley

To the north of the Roncal Valley, at the border between Navarre, France and the province of Huesca, lies the Larra Natural Reserve which houses the most unique and representative of Pyrenean ecosystems and is one of the most impressive karstic morphologies in Europe.

You can reach the Belagua Valley from Isaba by a road that leads to the Piedra de San Martín, at an altitude of over 1,750 metres, where every 13th July the traditional ‘Tribute of Three Cows’ is held. All along the way there are crannies, chasms, nature reserves, mountains, ski slopes, gullies, woods, waterfalls, flora and fauna, and the refreshing cool of the Pyrenees.

The highest and most famous peaks in the Navarrese Pyrenees -la Mesa de los Tres Reyes, Ukerdi, Budogia, Txamantxoia, Lakartxela- and other nearby summits such as Anie, Petrechema and Acherito, preside over and enhance this broad valley where humans, animals and forests have lived in perfect harmony for centuries.

Sheep, cattle and horses graze on communal pastures, while the most out-of-the-way corners are home to animals such as bears, chamois, marmots, stoats, partridge, golden eagles, black woodpeckers and bearded vultures, some of which are in danger of extinction.

Information from the oficial website of the Navarre Tourist Board.

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