The Baztan valley is a land of noblemen, indianos who returned after making their fortunes in the Americas, smugglers, shepherds and pilgrims who travelled to Santiago along the alternative route that crosses the valley.

Baztan is an evergreen valley with an Atlantic climate and is also the largest municipality in Navarre, covering 374 square kilometres, 15 towns/villages and dozens of caseríos (farmhouses) that dot a landscape of cultivated fields, woods, and meadows in which livestock graze.

There are several medieval palaces and noble houses in the valley, all of them well kept and of great beauty.
The commercial and administrative centre of Baztan is Elizondo, with its noble houses, palaces and monumental and religious buildings. Baztan has interesting museums such as the ethnographic museum dedicated to Jorge Oteiza (Elizondo) or the Santxotena sculpture museum (Arizkun). It also has delightful spots such as the Xorroxin waterfall (Erratzu), the dolmens of Izpegi and the megaliths of Erratzu-Aldudes.

Information from the oficial website of the Navarre Tourist Board.                         Photograph: © Banco de imágenes y sonidos del INTEF / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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