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Lugares de interés

Pamplona City Hall

“This looks much bigger on TV”. Ok, we know. But that is only because for the festivals’ Opening Ceremony on July,6th this gets really crowded!

City Walls of Pamplona

The medieval walls of the city are all around the historical Old Quarter. For centuries, this was an impregnable stronghold.

General Archive of Navarra

All over the centuries this building has been the seat for kings, bishops and general captains of the army – history in pure form.

Cathedral of Saint Mary

This “beautiful lady with donkey ears” has one of the best preserved Gothic cloisters in Europe, amongst many other surprises.

The Bullring

This bullring inspired Ernest Hemingway to write his novel “The Sun Also Rises”, which made the festivals worlwide known.

Plaza del Castillo

“Castle Square” is a funny name for a place where there is no castle at all. Or maybe there is one?

San Lorenzo Church

The patron saint inside is the one in charge of protecting the runners during the bullrun.